Who We Are

        Motivated to move ahead from the traditional norms and ways. Aiming to make products that improve lifestyle and ease the day. The likes and kinds of which are futuristic. The main motto is to work on every aspect of life and bring in innovation and change that will better each day for us. Offering the best that technology can give while packaging it smartly and efficiently.

        The products we are currently targeting and also working on are the kind that are of use, not just to large companies but for people for their daily use. Here we leverage our expertise in Robotics,  control systems and healthcare that are integrated and presented as a unit that simplifies and enhances living.

        The project being offered to the interns for now is the 'smart switchboard' . While NISCIT continues to work on other products alongside . The members of this firm are spanned across mainly the United States and India. The work is done through collaborative efforts and an atmosphere of constant interaction.

About The Team

        In the US the members are professionals currently working and having completed their masters and PhD's in their related fields . While in India the members are working on developing the product, right from design to manufacturing. 

        We have various departments such as robotics, electronics, computer science etc. These work together as a single body.