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Heat Pump 27cc/72V Electric
Climate Compressor

Low Voltage Electric Compressor

Displacement (cc/rev):                                   27

Max Cooling Capacity (KW):                        4.8

Max Cooling Input Power:                           2.35

Max Electric Current (A):                             35

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The electric compressor is the core of the new energy vehicle air conditioning system. It integrates the motor, controller and compressor into an organic whole. It has good automatic control performance and realizes information exchange with the vehicle control system. It is an important implementation of intelligent vehicle environmental engineering unit. The heat pump type electric vehicle air-conditioning compressor developed by Guchen improves the efficiency of the heat pump cycle and solves the problem of electric vehicle heating and defrosting in extremely cold areas that consume a lot of electricity. After the provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological achievements are firm, its technical indicators have reached the international advanced and domestic leading levels.

Guchen heat pump type electric air-conditioning compressor LDH27A72AB is suitable for all cars with DC72V DC power supply.

Outstanding feature of Low Voltage Electric Compressor

Integrated structure: Scroll compressor, permanent magnet brushless DC motor, drive controller is composed of 3 parts, the motor and drive controller get a cryogenic gas refrigerant for good cooling.

Oil separator mechanism: The refrigerated oil is separated from the gas refrigerant in the oil separator, circulates in the compressor, improves lubrication, reduces the heat exchanger resistance of the air conditioning system, and increases the refrigerating capacity of the air conditioning system by 5-10%.

Ring pin anti-rotation mechanism: simple structure, high reliability, low noise, low cost.

Vortex profile with variable cross section: thick inner wall, high compressive strength, thin outer wall, the displacement can be made larger under the same vortex height.

Aluminium light-weight construction, compact scroll compressor, this can save the vehicle space, easy installation, also save material and reduce power consumption.

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